Re: NTLK WTB: Book "Programming Newton using Mac"

From: Keith Isley (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 20:07:58 CDT

Try bibliofind ( It's a search site that includes
hundreds of private booksellers. Great for finding that rare book.


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Subject: NTLK WTB: Book "Programming Newton using Mac"

Hi all,

I want to buy the out of print book "Programming the Newton using
Macintosh". I have found it at Barnes & Noble on-line, ordered it
together with 2 Novels (so the book doesn't get lonely during it's
travels) and they canceled this book but sent me the other 2.
I have then visited all the other on-line book stores, found nothing.
Went to the local 1/2 price and 75% OFF - places, nothing either. -
Must have been a real popular book ;)

Last hope: anybody on this list who wants to part with the book? Pls
mail me in private.

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