NTLK Replacing MP130 Screen

From: stephen beesley (sbeesley@smartchat.net.au)
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 05:25:40 CDT

Along with my functioning uMP2K I have a couple of non functioning MP130s.
One has a smashed screen and the other just will not turn on. For some
time I have been working myself up to trying a screen transplant and I have
finally dismantled one of them down to the screen assembly. All that seems
to be left is to unsolder two wires and then replace the smashed screen
with the screen from the other MP and resolder the wires.

My question to the list is whether anybody has actually performed this
swap (Frank?). I re-assembled the Newt with the smashed screen and it does
not seem to be any the worse for the operation (well as far as I can tell
through the smashed screen!). If I do go ahead with this I will be leaving
the actual soldering to somebody else as I have neither the equipment or
skill. I am presuming that if I disassemble the Newts then it should not be
beyond some local computer repairer to actually do the soldering.
Any advice or suggestions gratefully accepted.

Stephen Beesley
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