NTLK Q: PC-Card voltage at hard reset (was: Re: NTLK How to Sync Newtons?)

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (w_l@gmx.net)
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 08:50:48 CDT


At 07:33 29.08.00, you wrote:
>You do need to have a 5v/5v card though, since the eMate will only write
>to those (see my shameless plug elsewhere on this list today for Paul
>Brahams 6MB cards; they are 5v/5v, if you don't have one).

Not having or wanting a credit card, those are out of reach to me...8^(

On another topic, i seem to recall that some Newt models (IIRC the 2x00
MPs, or the ones capable of using 5/12v cards) generate a higher than
normal voltage spike on the pc card power rails when or after hard-reset.
     As to the purpose of this spike, it should IIRC wake up some modem
types from sleep mode or some such, but AFAIK this can actually damage some
card types, especially the 5/5v flash types, as well as some modem cards.

Could someone of our hardware specialists clear up the gory details and add
this to the FAQ?
Meanwhile, for want of better knowledge, i'll pull any cards before hard-

-- Wolf

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