Re: NTLK Battery Leak

From: Newton Links (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 22:30:21 CDT

I do two things:

1. Get new batteries.
2. Open up the Newton and clean it if necessary BEFORE turning it on again.

If your not comfortable opening the Newton, find a good repair shop to do it
for you. Just tell them to check for damage and clean it if necessary.

If its battery acid that's leaking, yes it will cause damage. Not sure the
best way to clean. Maybe electronic solvent cleaner from Radio Shack will
do. I don't remember if the cleaner will damage plastic or LCD screen. Use
with caution.

There are members on this list that really know battery technology. Maybe
they can offer additional advice.

Keith Russo

on 9/3/00 6:17 PM, Brian Carstensen at wrote:

> Hey. I'm new to this list, so hi. But anyway. I just took out
> my Newton after a while of not using it, and I tried turning it
> on, but it wouldn't, so I figured I'd change the batteries.
> When I took out the batteries, one of them was leaking some
> slippery clear junk out of the side. Will it hurt my Newton if
> the junk got inside? Can I get in there with a q-tip and clean
> it, or will I break it? What if it dried? Is there anything I
> can do?

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