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HWR on my 130 was great. I used the non-cursive version, as that worked best
for me (I haven't been able to write cursive since third grade). But I felt
that I was trained by it more than I trained it. I'd get the Doonesburyesque
garbeldygook unless I took care to write very neatly and carefully until I
got to the point where I knew how to write so the Newt would recognize it
with nary an error.

I was handheld-computer-less for several months before I got the Nino, and
it was possibly a full year after that that I got the Calligrapher software.
I wrote a few sentences out immediately after installing it and got one
error, and it was a capitalization one. I was very impressed, but honestly I
had low expectations considering the rest of the dreck I'd been handed for
text input on the CE device (Jot and Smartwriter are IMO both
abominations... T9 is very cool but not relevent to a discussion of
handwriting recognition).

Now, as was pointed out, even the Nino had the horsepower advantage over the
MP130 with its 75 mHz processor, so it might not be fair to compare them. Of
course there was a host of other things that it couldn't do because it was
sitting on top of the OS instead of nestled gently in as an integral part of
the design of the device. Stuff like gestural and context-sensitive
operations (scribbling out a word or illustration like on the Newt for
example) were beyond the scope or ability of the software. Just because I
say that one aspect gave me better results in that area doesn't mean that I
think it was adequate to the task of replacing my Newt. If it was I wouldn't
be here investigating my options for returning to using a Newt or eMate, now
would I?



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Makes me wonder about the settings you used on your 130. Though the HWR in
2.1 is definitely better in accents and things like that, I remember the 130
getting everything but these things in four different languages that I wrote
on it.

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