NTLK Re: Free internet providers, dialup numbers

From: CM Stimpson (macheel@dialfree.net)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 06:27:35 CDT

on 9/4/00 2:53 PM, charles mangin at newton@option8.com wrote:

> hey folks -
> i've been pretty busy lately, so my newton website -
> http://www.newtontraveler.com - hasn't been updated in a while.
> but now, i have a little more time on my hands, and i'm wondering
> what kinds of things you folks might like to see. for instance, i'm
> working on a few more newton books to go in the books section, as
> well as some more lists of dialup access numbers for various ISPs
> i wonder if anyone can suggest some additional ISPs, especially
> _free_ internet access providers, that work with Newton to list. the
> one free service i have there, freewwweb, is no longer in service, or
> has been taken over by Juno, which doesn't work without their
> software (or so i've heard)
> also, if anyone has contributions or links to other sites that have
> useful information for the newton user on the go, i'll be glad to
> include them. my hope is to have a site that's useful to as many
> people as possible, so any contributions or comments are welcome.

You're right about freewwweb closing its doors and forcing users to either
hit the road, or sign up w/Juno....

which isn't available for the Newton, or the Mac, for that matter.

I was one of the many freewwweb users who got the shaft, have switched to
dialfree.net since that time, and have been rather satisfied.

It charges 19.95 a month to your credit card, but through a partnership w/
http://www.rhinopoint.com, if you complete 1 survey a month, your credit
card is re-credited for the 19.95, thus making dialfree FREE.

Their are a decent # of dialup numbers throughout the country (other
countries?), but nowhere near the # that freewwweb had at this
point.....though the number is steadily growing, however.

Except for the once a month survey (which is web-based -- you only receive
an email notice once a month reminding you to go to rhinopoint's website),
there are no other restrictions or requirements at all -- there's no limits
to time on the internet like with freewwweb, and no homepage requirements.

NO AD BANNERS, either!

The service has been quite speedy since I signed up.

I regularly connect at 46600 or greater, and online speed is probably
greater than that.

Only downside right now to that service, I'd say, is the limited dialup

There are places I regularly travel to where I could use freewwweb....and
now, dialfree won't reach those locations.

Oh well, if all you guys would sign up, they might have some additional
numbers available.



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