Re: NTLK MP 2000 Upgrade question

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 09:32:38 CDT

on 05-09-2000 3:00, RAV at wrote:

> The 2000 has a slot just like the emate, the 2000 is just a little harder to
> open and close due to the on off switch , but I have done it.

No I have upgraded quite a few eMates, and yes that's easy, but everybody
has sent their 2000 to Apple or DR. Newton to get them upgraded and I have a
hard time thinking that all of that trouble was just because the case was a
bit hard to open. (never upgraded a 2000 myself, nothing more than
reasonable technique with a soldering gun)
So do we have a confusion here ? Are you talking about inserting a flash ram
card or are there different version of the insides of a 2000 ?
Robert, if you look at
you can see what process we're talking about (slow loading, lot of pictures)
Are you sure this is what you mean ?

Robert Benschop

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