Re: NTLK To Do List Corruption?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 13:00:34 CDT

SteveCraft wrote:
> On my MP130, I think my soup corruption is in the "To Do List". Any
> suggestions on how to clean that out? I have SBM installed but am afraid
> to mess witht he Registry, etc.

You don't need to mess with the Registry. Launch SBM, select "Soups",
then, from the list of soups that appears, select "To Do List". From the
Routing menu, select "Edit Entries". A new window will appear and you'll
see an entry. There will be some fields there, like 'class', 'Date',
etc. What you're interested in is the 'topics' field. Right to the side
of 'topics', I read '[3 elements]', because I have 3 To-Dos. Tap
'topics'. At the bottom of the window, you'll see something like
"Array:[3 Elements]". If you tap on it, you'll have another window.
You'll see something like

0 {7 slots}
1 {7 slots}
2 {7 slots}

The first element in the array should be already selected, so, still at
the bottom, where "Array:[3 Elements]" was displayed in the previous
screen, there will be now something like "frame:{7 slots}". Again, if
you tap on this, you'll see some fields again (7, actually), with
corresponding values. If you see everything perfectly, specially the
'text' field, then it might means that this array element is fine. Tap
the little arrow button at the top, then tap the second element in the
array, labeled "1 {7 slots}". Try to do the same. If you can go over all
the elements in the Array, I would think they're fine, although there
might be something corrupted which is not showing.

So, if you can't find anything, when you have one of the array element
selected (the ones that say "0 {7 slots}", tap the Routing menu and then
select "Remove" from the popup that appears. Beware, there are actually
2 "Remove" there! The first one is part of the "entries" operations,
while the second one is actually part of the "slot" operations. You're
definitily interested in deleting the "slot" that is currently selected.
So, Tap the second "Remove". A dialog should appear asking you "Do you
really want to remove the Slot?". If you don't get this exact message,
tap cancel, and try again to find the right one. If not, tap "Yes" in
the dialog asking to confirm the slot deletion. Repeat for any other
slot. Try to backup again.

You could also delete the entire "To Do List" soup, from the soups' list
in SBM, but I'm not sure what could be the side effects while deleting
some slots from that soup merely looks like if you hadn't any To Dos...

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