Re: NTLK MP 2000 Upgrade question

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 01:39:05 CDT

on 05-09-2000 7:53, J. van de Griek at

>> Victor Rehorst wrote:
>>>>On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, RAV wrote:
>>>> The reason they are sent off is that no Dr. Newton would not sell you
>>>> the ram by itself , trust me I HAVE DONE THIS WITH NO PROBELMS, its
>>>> the same as the emate, just pop it in.
>> The 2x00 RAM and flash chips are soldered onto the motherboard. To
>> replace them would involve either very fine SMD(sp?) soldering skills or
>> replacing the mainboard. The daughtercard in the 2x00 holds the system ROM:
>> NewtonOS 2.1.
> I doubt an MP will work with either RAM or ROM missing...
> But Victor is right; the RAM chips in an MP2k are soldered in; the ROM is on
> an SO-DIMM (much like in the eMate).

So before this turns in to another name calling match, Robert
(Varnam that is, always confusing on the list to have two people with same
name discussing something ;-) you seem to have put the upgrade chip in the
wrong slot and your 2000 was still working afterwards, so can you give us
some more details, like did you boot normally, how much RAM and Heap you
have etc.

Robert Benschop

In my opinion it would help when people that make stunning claims,
that seem to be wrong or not easily believed by other people,
would take time to formulate their answers.
Once there's a disagreement on the list it doesn't really help to make the
exchanges shorter and shorter, as a rule of thumb it's counterproductive.

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