Re: NTLK Ethernet connection

From: jceaser (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 10:55:30 CDT

I have tried this, but I have not found out how to set up a MacIP server so
that I can browes the internet with my newton. Unless some one can tell me
how to set up IPNetRouter as a MacIP server, I would have to suguest that he
just get an ethernet card. Also, can AppleShare IP 6.0 work as a MacIP

on 09/06/2000 10:43 AM, Mike Carpenter at wrote:

>> Hi
>> I am new in the list and have been enjoying your commentaries for the last
>> weeks.
>> Now I need some help: I want to connect my upgraded MP2000 (Implant card + 4
>> MB by pixsolutions) to my thinnet Ethernet LAN. Both Newt slots are occupied
>> by a flash card and a modem card. So I heard there is a Farallon EtherMac
>> Printer Adapter PN 552C-1 which will allow an ADB cable connection from the
>> LAN to my Newt.
>> Does anyone know about this?

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