Re: NTLK Flash Player

From: Peter Apockotos (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 04:24:16 CDT

Well believe it or not Java 1.2 was developed for the WebTV classic and
worked fine then when Microsoft bought them it was buried and the official
word is that it takes to much memory. But I have seen and used this build
on the WebTV.

on 09/08/2000 04:56 AM, Bradley Smith at wrote:

> I appreciate the sentiment here and enjoy discussions on this sort of thing
> but, and this comment isn't directed at Peter, there are a few people around
> here who might just be persuaded to write new Newton applications if people
> come up with *sensible*, do-able suggestions. A Flash player for the Newton
> is as likely as a Java 2 VM surely?
> I think we should be working to extending the life of our Newtons. Products
> like BackTalk are the kind of thing we need. Let's start coming up with some
> decent suggestions of things that would just help our Newtons live in the
> new world!!!!!
> I'll kick off : Wouldn't it be cool if we could watch Flash animations on
> our Newtons? ;)
> Brad
>> Has anyone looked into making a flash player for the Newton?

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