NTLK Re: Who wants newton stuff?

From: CM Stimpson (macheel@dialfree.net)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 06:02:01 CDT

on 9/7/00 4:39 PM, Ken Whitcomb at ken@imageguild.com wrote:

> The plan:
> I'll post an item with a description, hmm, perhaps I'll just include a link
> to a page with a detailed photo as well. Each item or group of items will
> have a number and a deadline. If you want an item, email me your bid off the
> list. After the deadline, I'll post all of the bids on my site. No sniping
> (how I got this), no shills, just people that will use the stuff helping me
> recover the huge cost of winning this auction giving me one bid per item.
> If you let me know that this is inappropriate here, I won't do it. If I
> can't pull this off in a fair manner, I'll just bring this stuff back to
> eBay and those that want to can bid on it there.

Sure. I'd be interested. I don't think it's inappropriate, as long as it's
done well, and tastefully.

And of course, all items to be sold should definitely be Newton-related.

Make sure the subject heading is REALLY clear, like:

NewtonBay Auction!

(Just a suggestion.)



(PS I take it you want the bids coming to your personal email, & not
posted.....MAKE THAT CLEAR to people......seeing the Auction itself is one
thing....but a million BIDS by Newton users is another entirely!)

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