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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 01:09:15 CDT

jceaser -

Info-Newt is a Newton news web site and FTP archive, updated
approximately weekly, located at (surprise) and .

To submit a file via a web browser, go to:

and use the little upload form at the bottom of the page. Use the BROWSE
button to select a file to upload. After selecting it, click the
"UPLOAD" button back on the web page to post it.

If you want to use an FTP client to upload, go DIRECTLY to the following

and upload it. The above URL takes you DIRECTLY to the /Contributions
directory on and logs you in using the ID and password
"newtgifts". You probably will NOT be prompted for an ID or password,
but some browsers vary a bit, so if you are prompted for either, respond
with "newtgifts".

If for some reason the above FTP url does not work, an alternate would be
to go DIRECTLY to

(do NOT move there from some other directory on -- go
DIRECTLY to there as your starting place on the site) and when prompted
for an ID and password use "newtgifts" for both. If you're not prompted
for and ID and password, then you won't be able to upload.....probably
because you tried moving to that directory from some other location on, which means you're already logged in with id
"anonymous" (which is what most web browsers and FTP programs will do for
you automatically if possible or if you don't provide an ID and password).

If you have any problems, e-mail your file (so long as it's not too huge)
to and I'll post it.

Regardless of how you get the file to me, please send an e-mail to the
above address telling me you've posted it and provide a brief description
of what the file is (even if there's a Read Me file provided with the
file already).


 - Bill

On 9/8/00 5:44 PM, jceaser [] wrote:

>on 09/08/2000 5:21 PM, Robert Benschop at wrote:
>Sure, but I don't know where that is. I did upload it to
>alt.sys.newton.programmer. If you tell me where and what info-newt is then
>I will upload it there. Is it an ftp site?
>> on 08-09-2000 11:33, jceaser at wrote:
>>> Well I wrote a templet to create your own newton book formats on the
>>> Macintosh using ResEdit of course. Do you want it? The only thing I can
>>> not figue out is how to define a 2 page layout.
>> How about uploading it on info-newt, I'm sure that there are others that
>> would like to have this (I'm amongst them ;-)
>> Robert Benschop

 \\ /, "Ink Different" at Info-Newt, the site for Newton PDAs
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