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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 09:15:33 CDT

on 09-09-2000 11:57, Andy Pasulka at wrote:

>> Hey Andy, I need some serial numbers to some software and since it now seems
>> OK to post copyright protected stuff on the web...
>> Can't wait to get YOUR NewtonBook of other peoples hard work and research.
>> Don
> Your quick condemnation of my pages is unfounded. Thygeson did his research
> on Apple T-shirts. I did research (narrow, admittedly) on Apple *Newton*
> T-shirts. This is how much research is done: collation of existing research,
> with citations. I credited my source explicitly, and I stand by the pages.

And your right, since I make quite a few copyrighted creations every week I
know a bit about it and citations with source is almost always allowed
(to ask the original artist isn't always necessary but regarded as good
Going through your site I haven't seen anything that would violate copyright
as far as I know it, but since I'm not a copyright lawyer if there's one on
the list maybe he/she can chime in.
BTW, nice idea to put all these memorabilia up on the web, I loved some of
the more creative one (like the Newton lamp writing on the blackboard ;-)

Robert Benschop

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