Re: NTLK Re: I know I shouldn't but...

Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 17:33:22 CDT

In a message dated 9/9/00 6:29:18 PM, writes:

<< I usually put their predictions right next to the ones about alien

Seriously, they have a reasonable track record, but no better than lots
of other sites that are not specifically rumors boards. Is Steve up to
something? He always is. Will there be a wireless handheld of some type
to fill the sixth slot? Probably a good bet. What will it look like,
have internally, etc? Only Steve knows for sure.

Mark Ross >>

There track record isn't great but its OK, I don't think it will be like what
they said the wordage seems funny. I think it will be an OS X/Rosetta
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