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From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 02:46:43 CDT

on 10/9/2000 8:54 AM, at wrote:

> My mp2100 is unhappy. It is unhealthy. It is erasing itself very, very
> frequently. More than once a week it will do something weird. Sometimes
> it crashes and on reboot it's at the "welcome to newton" area. There is
> little to any consistency in terms of apps that I have on it. This has
> happened with the same apps I used for three years on an upgraded 2000
> with no problems at all.
> Anyboyd have any thoughts? I am hesitant to send it to Apple to attempt to
> get them to replace its motherboard for $190 after my last, umm,
> "issues" there. Apple recently contracted this work out to a third party,
> and there have been some, umm, "teething troubles". I described the state
> of my returned 2000 to the apple customer relations person, and she
> commented "it sounds like kindergartners were working on it". I would at
> least expect them to properly close the case...

What sort of batteries are you using? Have you tried fresh alkaline ones?
If you are using the rechargable pack perhaps it has given up? Either that
or maybe you are using a power hungry PCMCIA card, that is taking all the
power out. Or maybe there is something wrong with the capacitor that takes
care of backing up the memory (does anyone know if these go?).

Good luck with finding the problem!

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