Re: NTLK eMate Colors

From: Point Mutation (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 04:17:49 CDT

hey you all,

on the topic of emate colors, i was checking out ebay and i came across this
emate auction. check it out:

it's some guys emate auction. *BUT*, are my eyes playing tricks on me, or
is that eMate BLUE? the keyboard is definitely green and the stylus looks
green, but the emate looks blue to me. not green-blue, but freakin' blue.
there are two pictures of it (one whole picture and one showing the pc card
slot) and it looks pretty blue.

maybe the guy's camera or scanner is a little funky with coloring, but the
keyboard looks to be the right color, so i'm gonna guess that the emate is
really blue or something. and here i thought emates only came in
translucent green.

i bought my emate a few months after it came out and my girlfriend bought
hers earlier this year (so we pretty much would have emates from different
batches), and they are both the same shades of translucent green (not black,
and not a shade of blue). were different color emates actually sold? i
always thought the diff colors were just prototypes.


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