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From: DON (don@dcphotos.com)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 09:21:25 CDT

ANP wrote
"Your quick condemnation of my pages is unfounded. Thygeson did his research
on Apple T-shirts. I did research (narrow, admittedly) on Apple *Newton*

Ripping off someone alse's work is not research. The T-shirt images belong
A.the artist who designed them
B. the company who commisioned them
C. the phtotgrapher who shot them
there could be more but I think I make my point.
Did you get permission to use them? I make my money from people ASKING
permmision to use my photos, not unlike a software designer. I license the
use of my images.
As a proffessional photographer, I am well versed in copyright law.
And you "firing up the ole scanner" and publishing them on your web site
doesn't qualify as fair use.
I understand fair use as it pertains to trademarks, property rights and
copyrights. My biggest client is a textbook co., so I also understand the
editorial, educational and newsworthy clauses.
What you did is simply violate someone's copyrights.
People have been saying if I feel that strongly, I should contact the
author. True. But I think that is harsh in THIS CASE.
I've been on this list for a little over a year now and any time someone ask
for hacks or cracks the get hammered on, I feel this is the same thing.
that's all. As for NAPSTER, people ARE ripping off other peoples property.
It's just that simple. Why don't we make a software style napster. I bet
some software designer on this list would agree with me. As I said "just
because you can, doesn't mean you should."

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