Re: NTLK copyrights

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 09:58:17 CDT

on 10-09-2000 4:32, Chris Browder at wrote:

> Well, Don, You'd hate most any high school report. Because rarely do any of
> us contact an author for a photo's rights. And what about copying like my
> senior picstures? Well, I've got a great 8x10 I made. Is that illeagle? It's
> MY photo, but someone ELSE'S copyright...

Sorry Chris, but you don't have a point there, copyright applies to unique
pictures, so they have to have something that sets them apart from other
pictures, so unless your school photographer was a very creative person
(quite rare in that field)
For the same reason still wonder if there can be a violation on the T-shirt
site, AFAIK simple reproduction work can't be copyrighted, there aren't any
artistic merits to copyright. (this is under US law)
This is just from stuff that I've read, doesn't apply to me professionally
since all photography that I do is definitely with copyright. (and I had
some removed from the web that was placed there without permission
or any credits, even though I always gave people the chance to alter the
Still no lawyers chiming in, so I guess this isn't leading anywhere,

Robert Benschop

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