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Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 16:58:27 CDT

on 10-09-2000 5:04, jimthej at wrote:

> To back up Don and to help Chris, my school district, with a team of lawyers
> has a copyright policy statement that are the guidelines for fair use it is
> 3 pages back and front closely typed.
> To use the situations here, the school report, given to the teacher,
> returned to the student, consigned to the wastebasket, or the box of
> memorabilia is probably fair use. The same report published on the web as
> part of an electronic portfolio is pushing the issue, and probably needs
> permission. The same report offered for sale on the report black market is a
> definite violation.
> Reproducing the photo, even for your own use, unless the photographer gave
> you the rights to it (icicles hanging from Lucifer's nose) is definitely a
> violation.
> As to the T-shirt reproductions, since it is a sample of the entire work, it
> would be smart to get the author's permission. Let him and his publishers
> worry about reproduction rights from the original designers/owners.

Straight from MacWorld's july 2000 issue: (page 114)
"Not every photograph is copyrightable. To create original works of
authorship, photographers must add their vision."
BTW, if anybody is in DTP on this list, read the following carefully (from
the same page) "Designers might find it hard to determine where originality
begins. Copyright doesn't protect the formatting, layout or arrangement of
material on a page"
Now that did shock me, since there is quite a bit of graphic design that I
considered copyrightable and very creative.
(they even show a beautiful CD cover from Ryuichi Sakamoto that is not
protected by copyright.)
I wish the photographers of your school district a lot of luck and I'm
curious if somebody wants to make clear where the artistic vision is in the
repro pictures of the t-shirts.
I rest my case.

Robert Benschop

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