Re: NTLK Internet Browsing

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 23:47:56 CDT

Your Newt is a completly stand alone capable machine
fully able to browse the internet through the T1
connection with no intervention through your
Powerbook. Go to Egghead, get a 4 port hub,
get some cables, plug your PB into one port, purchase
an ethernet card (also from egghead)I use the dlink's amazing to say the least.
That's all there is to it! Set up your own
mini-network on your desktop at work! I've got a 12
port hub on my desk, that I've got two Newts plugged
into, a WinCE, and 5 of my "gaming buddies" (the
network guys don't like us using the existing network
for our head-to-head we our own and string
some really long ethernet!)
Load the right software, and viola! your Newt is
surfin' the net dude! T1 speeds!
web/gadget guru
--- Doug Dockery <> wrote:
> Is there a way to browse the internet or add items
> to the NetHopper cache
> via my connection with my PowerBook instead of using
> my modem? The
> PowerBook is hooked up to a T1 and my modem is a
> lowly 56MHz - so the
> PowerBook route would be preferable. I am basically
> attempting to duplicate
> the Avantgo functionality that I am used to on the
> **cough** Palm IIIc that
> I used before I came to my senses. If anyone else
> has a slick method of
> getting a number of websites on my newt so that I
> can view them later (in
> traffic or on the train) I would appreciate hearing
> about it.
> Thanks -
> Doug
> --
> Doug Dockery

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