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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 00:01:45 CDT

On 09/10/2000 9:39 AM, Doug Dockery [] wrote:

>I've been reading all of the postings about Pocket Quicken and Pocket Money.
>I currently have both programs and can't seem to make either connect to my
>PowerBook (Pismo). Do they need Apple Talk to connect?

Don't confuse AppleTalk with serial-port based LocalTalk. The former is
a network protocol that runs over many cabling and wireless systems. The
latter (LocalTalk) is a cabling system like Phonenet, Ethernet, Token
Ring, WaveLAN/AirPort, etc.

Pocket Quicken Connect requires SERIAL (not AppleTalk) to connect. It
doesn't support AppleTalk in any form (LocalTalk/Phonenet, Ethernet or
WaveLAN/AirPort) Or if it does, there's an upgrade I missed <grin>.

PocketMoney supports AppleTalk, according to their web site.

>If so, since I have no printer/modem port (USB only) and have Apple Talk
communicating with
>AirPort, am I just out of luck?

Is you AirPort hooked to an Ethernet? If so, you should be able to go
from Newton->Ethernet->AirPort->Pismo using AppleTalk the whole
way....with PocketMoney, of course. I do that sort of thing to connect
from my Wallstreet PowerBook->AirPort->Ethernet->Info-Newt web server
PowerBook 2300 using AppleTalk to post files, do maintenance and backups
of the server, etc.

Sometimes when connecting Newton to desktop apps the ORDER you do the
starting of connection attempts is important. If you do it in the wrong
order, it doesn't connect up properly. See the instructions for the
PocketMoney Appletalk connection software.

 - Bill

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