Re: NTLK LOOKING FOR MP 120, 130 or 2000!!!

From: jceaser (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 05:00:13 CDT

I just got my 2100 less then a month ago off of ebay. It only took about a
gazilion bids but I finaly got on and at a good price (at least I feel so)
too. Hang around ebay a while and get a feel for how much they cost first.
I do not recomend a 120. I have a 130 and have used a 120(upgreaded) befor.
The backlighting is what makes the 130 cool imho.

on 09/11/2000 4:37 AM, Mr D. Wignall at wrote:

I would like to purchase a message120, 130 OR 2000 with any the perks. Does
anyone have such that they would like to sell. I am located in Australia so
please include shipping. Look forward to you reply

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