NTLK Re: newtontalk V1 #114 - PB160

From: Walter J. Ferstl (walter.j.ferstl@netway.at)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 06:24:11 CDT

>Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 12:10:07 EDT
>From: Tap2frog@aol.com
>To: newtontalk@planetnewton.com
>Subject: Re: Re: NTLK NCU problem on PB160.
>>I would suspect that if the machine won't start from AC mains then the PRAM
>>battery may be dead. User replaceable if you are daring. See an Apple
>>technician. Batteries are USD $25-30 here in the states.
>That if you're lucky otherwise it could be the power manager (it usually
>is) the first thing you should try is to zap the Pram and the Power
>manager I believe on the 160 all you do is plug in the PB and hold the
>reset button (in the back) for about 45sec to 1 min. than try and start
>it up,if that doesnt work have the internal (PRAM)battery replaced (or do
>it yourself).

Hello Arild and LF,

in the Apple Specs for the PB 160


there is no specific PRAM battery (like the 3.6 V Lithiums used in DT Macs
or the 4.5 V Raytheon "velcro style" Alkalines in Performas) mentioned at

So possibly all the PRAM data buffering is provided by the rechargable main
battery (any PowerBook specialists here?)

Newton and Mac greetings again,


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