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From: DON (don@dcphotos.com)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 11:23:48 CDT

Chris B wrote "Well, Don, You'd hate most any high school report. Because
rarely do any of
us contact an author for a photo's rights. And what about copying like my
senior picstures? Well, I've got a great 8x10 I made. Is that illeagle? It's
MY photo, but someone ELSE'S copyright..."

No, not at all. I understand you may reproduce anything for
educational/editorial purposes.
AS for your senoir pictures, call the photographer and tall him what you
did. If it we me, though I try not to deal with the public for just such
reasons, I'd either send you a bill or a sumons!YES, YES, YES it was and is
ILLEGAL for you to reproduce those photos. Yes, you own the photo but the
COPYRIGHT belongs to the photographer or studio. He may sell/transfer the
copyright and he may not care that you what you did but it still isn't
LEAGAL. Do you think you own the music on all your tapes, CD etc.? Well, you
don't. It's just like software...you own the disc not the info on it.

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