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From: Samuel Jacobson (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 23:31:50 EST

> I would guess the link is 'copyrighted material', or 'intellectual
> rights'.
> The simple act of making copyrighted material 'publicly available' WITHOUT
> the express permission of the holder of the copyright is illegal, period.
> This has been beat to beyond death on this list many times, ad naseum.
> To keep it Newton related, how would you expect Mr. Weyer (of Newtscape
> fame) to react if you started making the registered version of Newtscape
> 'publicly available' via your website ??
> The morality of it is a personal issue, the legality is a societal issue.
> Paul Nuernberger

  I agree, yet what I am pointing out is that causality may not be enough,
thus having something just similar to another issue may simply not be
legally enough. Again I am in no way a lawyer, but at least in the sciences
causality has no clout no matter how obvious the link may be (it must be
tested and published in peer reviewed sources to be taken as serious. And
then there is the issue of reproducibility. Yet all of this is certainly
OT). This is why I asked for specific information on the issue as I like to
be clear what current societal laws are.

  As for it being a morally wrong behavior for someone to make copyrighted
material publically available you are right that it is a personal issue,
and must be left there.

  Yet I am sorry for making this thread into something so OT, and agree it
should be dropped or taken into private.




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