Re: [NTLK] Connecting via ethernet on a G4 Titanium

From: doppler (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 06:10:43 EST

Rui Curveira [] wrote the following 2002-02-27 16.16:

> I have the PN 895 (I think) with the minihub and I have been looking to buy
> another ethernet card that has a X-Jack instead (because it is a bit more
> convenient than carrying around the minihub) I didn't know there was a special
> cable. I checked to see if I could buy just the cable from Farallon (now
> proxim) and they don't sell the PN895 any more only the PN595a (which don't
> work with Newt). Guess I will troll Ebay for some leads on getting just a
> cable.

rui, i use a regular 3Com cable - i guess you can find this one anywhere, in
any computer shop that sells PCMCIA NIC's. the only difference to the
farallon cable is the colour and the RJ45 contact (its a rubbered protected
one on the farallon and a simple RJ45 on the 3com.)

i believe the 3com cables wont cost you more than some $10. get one now,
because it will consume less batts than the "frog" minihub.

PS: one thing i like with the farallon is that everything they made was
newton green :)

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