Re: [NTLK] What kind of battery do I use for my newton 1mb storage card?

Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 15:32:43 EST

Are these the Apple branded SRAM cards? Trying to get original Apple Newton stuff if possible. What are they selling for and what capacities? IIRC they made 1MB and 2MB SRAM cards. However, since I have never actually seen one, I am probably wrong! ;-)
Thanks for the info.

In a message dated Fri, 1 Mar 2002 3:03:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, Josh Shanks <> writes:

> You have to email he has allot of them I think but just
> not listed. I emailed him and got one. Just tell him josh from
> sent ya.
> Josh

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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