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Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 06:30:01 EST

Smith, Bradley [] wrote the following 2002-02-28

> To some people this (BackTalk) is worth at least! $40. I don't doubt this
> was a non-trivial piece of programming work. The point is that there are a
> whole bunch of people to whom Backtalk would be useful on occasion but
> doesn't justify a $40 investment to them.

pricing is a mystery -do you charge for your sunk costs or for the user

selling software is magic - volume is more interesting than high margins, as
the product youre selling can be consumed by an unlimited amount of users.

i think you dont have to be ashamed or explain yourself. on contrary, you
are doing smart dog a favour:

1. by mobilising NTLK they are getting as much publicity as they can get in
the appropriate target group;
2. if the deal will go through, smartdog will experience a positive cash
flow that would probably never happen otherwise. this money can be used for
further dev and enhancement and result in a more expensive later version.
(we still havent got ircomm, remember?)

im in - definitly. for $10-20, it is worth it. for ircomm i could consider
an upgrade fee.

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