Re: [NTLK] considering Newt's Cape purchase

From: David Golden (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 15:57:41 EST

on 3/2/02 12:58 PM, Philip Halsey at wrote:

> I've been using my 2100 for the "usual" applications, and am now exploring
> extending my (and it's) capabilities. Newt's Cape looks like a powerful
> program. Is there a listserv or a discussion group that deals with it so I
> can get the most from the program? Is it for those newt users with more
> computer literacy than most?
> Thanks.
> Phil Halsey
> Ida, MI

 I think I can say with a high measure of certainty that I am one of the
least computer literate people on this list, yet I am able to derive a good
deal of enjoyment from NewtsCape. It is absolutely on my short list of must
have apps, and I know that as long as I have my Newton, I'll be learning new
ways of utilizing it's many functions. Steve Weyer has also been very kind
and very patient when I have had to contact him in the past because I could
find my registration number, or was troubled by similarly idiotic concerns.
He also ( if memory serves ), supplies quite a bit of useful documentation.


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