[NTLK] SOLD OUT of 32MB cards! Thanks!

From: John Goggan (jgoggan_at_dcg.com)
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 17:46:02 EST

Thanks to all those that bought my 32MB cards! I'm sorry to say that I am not
sold out! I had 30 cards and all have already been sold since I announced it
yesterday! (Guess I should have asked for more money, eh? :)

In any case -- I am attempting to acquire another batch as I figure there are
many out there that would still want them that probably haven't even read my
email from yesterday yet. So, I'll risk it and assume that I can find enough
buyers to cover whatever I can still get (maybe another 20 or so).

So -- if you want to be put on a waiting list, please let me know so that I
can try to plan things. If I can get more, they will still be $35 each or $30
each if you take 3 or more. Shipping still $3 in the US and $5 anywhere else
-- for any number of cards.

Again, I am sold out. Anyone emailing now would be for the waiting list if I
can get more (which, if I can, would be about 2 weeks waiting time).

Thanks again!

 - John...

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