Re: [NTLK] SOLD OUT of 32MB cards! Thanks!

From: John Goggan (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 20:49:02 EST wrote:
> What was the verdict on these cards? I wasn't able to stay current with
> this topic. Are they good cards? Wasn't there some concern about them
> being router cards?

Actually, I think that discussion -- about the router cards -- was something
else. At least, it started before I even had any to sell... :) In any case,
the ones that I had are Pretec 32MB cards that have only been used in Newtons
-- never routers or anything else of the sort.

I had 30 of them and sold out. I'm going to try to get more (as I already
have a list of people wanting them that didn't get in on the first 30). If
I'm able to get more, I'll post to the list as soon as I know. I may know
within a couple days -- but it would be at least 2 weeks until I got them.

 - John...

P.S. I've been using one of them in my Newton for a week or so now -- working
great for me. About 30 others will have them soon and can give their opinions
if they feel like it. :)

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