Re: [NTLK] Newt parts @ Sun Remarketing

From: Patrick Jendraszak (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 17:00:47 EST

In my reading of various lists, I too have found many people with bad
experiences at Shreve Systems. I might suggest MegaWatts, just because
they seem to have a supply of new MP130's selling for $139.99 with a one
year warranty. I have only bought from MegaWatts once or twice in the
past, but found them to be reliable.


24 hours in a day ... 24 beers in a case. Coincidence??

A Message from Patrick Jendraszak

On Saturday, March 2, 2002, at 01:36 PM, Nathan J Hunt wrote:
> Why not? I noticed they were selling a MP 130 for "only" $99.
> --Nathan

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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