Re: [NTLK] Yahoo mail (was Verizon)

From: Steve Weyer (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 05:15:32 EST

> Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 20:41:42 +0100
> From: Robert Benschop <>
> on 03-03-2002 1:08, Steve Weyer at wrote:
>> it appears that once you can login (and it remembers your id appropriately
>> via cookie), logging back in does work since it uses http:
>> but the problem seems to be getting logged in that first time.
> So wouldn't the answer be to do it the first time from your desktop and from
> your Newt ever after ?

the cookie gets set on the system & browser currently in use; Newton
wouldn't be able to use a cookie unless it had set it.

(I wonder if there might be a way to manually copy the cookie from desktop
to Newton)


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