Re: [NTLK] MAD Max without Mac?

From: Beau B. Bruce (bbbruce_at_LearnLink.Emory.Edu)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 23:03:11 EST

So... as some must be having trouble loading MP3s to their Newt via Sloup,
and since I had similar difficulties, I thought I'd share the solution
that finally worked for me...

I encoded my mp3 with the unix command xxd as follows...

xxd -p fair.mp3 > fair.txt

Note that this is not the Mac BinHex encoding... this is instead the same
output that you'd see in a hex editor... i'm sure there are other programs
that do this but don't ask me where to find them

Then I added the header, footer, and line extensions. Make sure to note
the special line extension '!\' on the second line... that's the way to
get large amounts of binary data into the Newton. Also note my header is
a little simpler...

This produced the following file...

{ class: 'symbol, title: "string", artist: "string", album: "string",
codec: "string", MP3Data: "binary:samples" }
MP3Data Fair Beau My Album MP3 !\

Anyway, feel free to download the Sloup text file and the original MP3 at
the following URLs so that you can see at least if it works for you...

BTW, it's me on the harmonica... so don't worry about copyrights... i
frankly can't believe i'm sharing it to begin with :-)

Good luck!!!

- Beau Bruce

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