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Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 00:36:40 EST

Alex [] wrote the following 2002-03-05 06.12:

> I see more immorality in basing shareware fees on US dollars, and
> having no sliding scale payment system, that takes into account the
> very real differences in ppl's situations.

actually, trading in US dollars and the whole US economy is immoral

LOL sorry couldnt resist ;-D


seriously speaking, i think the newton community has a lot of initiatives
that give users the ability to pay if they can afford it - most shareware
software is not crippled and there are ppl like s weyer that offer rebates
for those who are in need.

i think most times software developers actually consider these problems, it
was clear even in the case with smartdog - bob wanted to drop the fee, but
couldnt because of the licence cost.

pay if you can, but dont be ashamed if you cant is my devise. honestly, if i
would have been so law-abiding, i would never have learnt DTP and (as an
inevitable result of that) would never have bought photoshop.

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