Re: [NTLK] comfortable stylus?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 20:40:28 EST

I tend to stay away from multi-purpose PDA/Ink
stylus's. The reason why is that if I perchance forget
that the Ink point is extended instead of the stylus
point, it would make me really angry to ruin my Newt!
So, with that said, I always use the stylus that will
fit the holder on the Newt. Now, that doesn't mean I
use the one supplied by Apple though. I find the
stylus sold by PDA Panache to be much better and
balanced than the original Newt stylus. Plus, it's got
these "gripper grooves" that helps prevent your
fingers from slipping.
Now, as to the screen protectors? well, we have a
supplier right here on the list, I'm sure he'll tell
you more about them
web/gadget guru. (download Newton packages) (my NPDS server)

--- wrote:
> where on the internet can I get a stylus for my
> newton that is comfortable in
> my hand like with rubber at the end of it and is
> also inexpensive?
> as well, what kind of protective plastic sheet go
> on the newton 2100 and
> where do I get these?
> thanks
> mark

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