Re: [NTLK] blank screen problems

From: Paul Nuernberger (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 06:23:20 EST

Did you, per chance, also restore the system soup along with names, dates,
etc ?? Do you have Lava installed ?

Paul Nuernberger

> From: doppler <>
> hi list!
> i have a strange problem that i cant solve: every time i switch on the
> screen goes blank.
> some weeks ago i got a backup 2100 unit. a week ago i loaded most of the big
> packages both on the internal store and the card. everything worked just
> fine. a couple of days ago, i transferred the rest of the info - dates,
> notes, works docs, names and some extra pkgs. after this last transfer, the
> error started to appear.
> to get the unit back in working order, i need to pop-up my modem and
> reinsert it - then a pop-up appears and parts of the screen get available
> (if i close the popup, the screen area that was covered by the pop-up is
> visible, the rest is blank.) if i want to make the whole screen visible, i
> have to rotate the screen or something similar, so that the whole screen is
> changed once. only then the entire screen will be available.
> i havent seen this error before. is this covered in some FAQ, is it a common
> error, is it a system bug, is my system soup corrupted? do i need to
> brainwash and reinstall everything?
> thanks to all who can help
> PS. the names and dates were restored from an mp2000 backup file to an
> mp2100 unit. all packages were freshly installed, not restored.
> roman pixell

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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