Re: [NTLK] blank screen problems

From: doppler (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 08:15:04 EST

Jochen Sch=E4fer [] wrote the following 2002-03-06 12.32:

> I have this problem too with my MP120. I replaced the unit excpt the
> display
> and still it is there. If I touch the display with the stylus it comes
> back.

so i presume you restored or started from scratch also, right? the error
still remains?

> The display stays normal if I have a keyboard or the serial cable
> attached, i.e.
> if communication is going on.

ive noticed that too. if the dongle and kbd are attached, it seems it can
handle it.

>I guess there is something like a current
> flux that let the display go blank.

yes, something like that...

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