Re: [NTLK] A (dumb) Waba question

From: Steve Weyer (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 19:04:24 EST

> Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 10:06:01 -0800 (PST)
> From: eric engle <>
> This is a dumb question. So please, before flaming me
> skip on to the next posting.
> Is there any way to create Waba applets directly on
> the newton? I have java, and jCreate (a very nice demo
> editor) but am having exegen and warp issues. I can
> compile files alright, but converting the applet to a
> newton package is frustratingly difficult (no I have
> not yet figured it out).
> Anyway if there is a way for waba to interpret java
> directly on the newt I would really like to know. I
> expect the answer is no, but I am such a newbie I want
> to believe otherwise.

as Paul points out, it's not possible to compile Java on the Newton (at
least currently, unless someone ported Kopi or something like that to Waba).

if you really don't want to deal with Warp/Exegen on desktop,
and if you've already got compiled application classes on desktop,
you can create the Newton .pkg directly on the Newton.

in fact before I had modified Warp & Exegen to create Newton packages, the
only way to create Waba apps was using "WabaTester" on the Newton.

basically, if you've sent a .jar file to your Inbox
(e.g., via SimpleMail or EETransfer), and a .htm file that contains the
APPLET tag along with various Waba initialization parameters,
WabaTester will let you open it and even run it immediately with the VM.
[note: the .jar file currently has to be uncompressed, though now with
Paul's Zlib library, it shouldn't be difficult to modify WabaTester to
access a compressed .jar; though I figured everyone would be using

then, you can (assuming you've got NewtPack plugin installed) save it as a
Newton package. and upload .pkg to desktop using PackageBuddy or XPort

more details on my wabadev page (WabaTester)


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