Re: [NTLK] Just got my first Newton... questions...

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 16:51:42 EST

OK, first thing you gotta do, before you get side
tracked is go here:
and register yourself!
Then go here:
and pinpoint yourself on the "Big Map"

Once you have placed your stake in the Newton
community, you can begin exploring your Newt and how
it can help you in everyday situations.
I would suggest a visit to:
to get an idea on how the Newton Handwriting works and
how to help your Newt understand you better.

And here is an all-in-one page that puts everything
you want to know about the Newton in a single place.

happy reading.
web/gadget guru (download Newton packages) (my NPDS server)

--- Benjamin Higginbotham <>
> I just got my first Newton from an eBay sale today.
> I can not believe=20=
> how incredibly cool this 2000 is! I do have a
> couple of questions=20
> though...
> 1- The door that swings open, are there supposed to
> be clips on the=20
> bottom that hold it open? If so, it looks like I'm
> missing 2 little=20
> pieces to hold open the door. Not a big deal, but a
> wee bit annoying.
> 2- Is there anything *really* neat I should know
> about? I'm still=20
> getting used to the handwriting recognition, any
> tips there? What is=20
> your experience with a Newton?
> 3- Is there a BOFH (Bastard Operator =46rom Hell)
> excuse calendar=20
> available for the Newton?
> Thanks everyone. I'm in tech-geek heaven over here!
> Benjamin Higginbotham

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