Re: [NTLK] THE Definitive Answer on Wireless LAN

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 23:56:50 EST

on 07/03/02 19:12, Alexander Oberd=F6rster at

>> Hiroshi says that he has a driver version that works in "enterprise"
>> mode (meaning to connect to a WAP), but he hasn't writen the user
>> interface for it yet. So this means, the solution to our problems is
>> out there, we just have to wait.
> If it's just the user interface that has to be finished, maybe someone
> could assist him? I would guess that this part should be a lot easier
> than the driver itself.

Not at all! From explanations from Paul Guyot, the interface that is writte=
in NewtonScript resides in one memory area while the driver which is writte=
in C++ resides in the C++ areas, and from what I understood, it's somehow
tricky to try to establish communication between the 2 areas. It's doable,
but I don't think it's that easy...

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