[NTLK] making a Waba app

From: Steve Weyer (weyer_at_kagi.com)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 09:25:58 EST

> Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 07:54:41 -0500
> From: Thomas Cherry <jceaser_at_mac.com>
> Hope no one things this letter is off topic,

ok with me, but extensive discussions are probably more fruitful on the
wabanewtdev mailing list

> but I am trying to compile
> a waba app for my newton. All seems to work fine, I can compile, run
> warp, and then exegen to create a newton package, but when I run the app
> on my newton, it says that it can not find the class WabaHelloWorld (the
> name of my class that extends MainWindow). To test things, I tried to
> run the applet viewer (java waba.applet.Applet WabaHelloWorld) but from
> that I get the following stack trace:

without seeing your exact files, your classpath setup, and how you invoked
Warp and Exegen, I'm guessing that either you're using a package
(foo.WabaHelloWorld), or your your application name is different from main
class name, e.g., Exegen ... HelloWorld WabaHelloWorld HelloWorld)


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