Re: [NTLK] Seeing red

From: Stephen Jendraszak (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 15:36:02 EST

On Saturday, March 9, 2002, at 04:35 AM, Grant [Reduntaneous]
Hutchinson wrote:
> In a previous message, Stephen Jendraszak typed vigorously:
>> Red is the complementary color of green.
> Technically speaking, magenta is complementary to green when talking to
> terms of light (or additive colour). Red is the complement of cyan. If
> we
> were talking about pigments )or subtractive colour), then yes, red would
> be across from green on the colour wheel.
> Sorry, art school geekiness must be free.
> g.
Actually, I did know that, but since the thread was titled "Seeing
Red".... I thought we could just keep it simple. :)


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