Re: [NTLK] Macintosh Help!

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 01:12:56 EST

on 3/9/02 6:31 PM, Ferdi Ozguner at wrote:

> Firstly i installed internet explorer 3.1 onto the machine but when i try to
> run it i get an error #2. Ive tried increasing the memory allocated to the
> program to 20mb (of 64 mb total) and it doesn't seem to help. The machine is
> registering my network but i cant get anything onto or off of it as all i have
> around are PeeCee's.

Definitely dump 3.1. It's as unstable as Windows itself. :-) 5 is probably
the first version of IE actually worth using, if you must go with IE. It
runs fine on my wife's PB 1400 (horribly slow, and low memory) with 8.5.1 so
you should have no problems with it on your system.

-Jon Glass
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