Re: [NTLK] Macintosh Help!

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 02:57:14 EST

on 3/9/02 8:17 PM, Mark Ross at wrote:

> I'm forced to disagree. System 9.1 (the latest you can run on this
> system) is actually faster than versions of 8. They got rid of a lot of
> underlying useless code that had gotten left behind in various updates.

The only reason I can see to stick with 8.5 is RAM. If you don't have a lot
of ram, and don't wish to buy it, then don't go with 9. (Of course, if you
aren't willing to spring for RAM, then you probably aren't willing to spring
for 9, so the whole discussion is moot.) :-)

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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