Re: [NTLK] UNNA packages & an introduction

From: Patrick Jendraszak (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 09:41:10 EST

I often use FileTyper 5.5.1. It has a feature where you can change the
type and creator, among other things. FileTyper has a "same as" button
which allows you to duplicate the type and creator from another file.
You can use this feature, browse to a "good" package item, and it will
duplicate the information. In my experience, it still will not change
the icon used by the item on OS X ... However, it will be recognized by
Newton Connection Utilities and allow you to install it on the Newton.


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A Message from Patrick Jendraszak

On Sunday, March 10, 2002, at 08:18 PM, Adrian Smith wrote:

> What do people do in Mac OS X?
> .pkg is the extension used for installers that use the Apple
> installer engine and even when I use one of the convertors they don't
> seem to change...

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