Re: [NTLK] Hard reset - Who Does 'em?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 23:45:24 EST

I'm just aghast that someone can go "a week of so"
without their Newt! Who is this heretic? I suffer from
seperation anxiety if I go to the bathroom and leave
my newt on my desk. To me, my Newt is like the
security blanket is for Linus from Charlie Brown
Heck, whenever I do a backup of my mp2k, I do restores
to my other MP2100 and my two other MP120! That way I
have "hot-swappable" Newts ready for any emergency,
"scuse me maam, Newton emergency, let me through! Get
this man a Newton! 120, 130! Anything, can't you see
he's suffering?"

web/gadget guru

--- Loren Finkelstein <Loren_at_Finkelstein.Net> wrote:
> > as I have had mixed results. The sure fire way is
> to remove the battery and
> > let the Newt sit for a week or so. Then everything
> is really gone.
> I am really, really (call it 99.9%) sure that a hard
> reset (aka. Brain Wipe)
> wipes out the unit as completely as anyone could
> want to.
> The only think I can think of that a week without
> battery would add to this
> is the loss of time & date.
> Someone correct me, please, if I am wrong here.
> Thanks,
> Loren

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