[NTLK] Got a question? Check the FAQ (or somewhere else)!

From: Victor Rehorst (victor_at_newtontalk.net)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 00:05:09 EST

Got a question about your Newton or just Newtons in general? Here's how
you can solve them:

1) There is this fantastic, fast search engine on the web called Google:


Just enter whatever you need (for example: 'pocket money newton') and it
will give you what you're searching, at least 9 out of 10 times.

People on the list don't mind doing research and digging up stuff, but
we do get a lot of relatively simple questions, and they do get
monotonous to answer all the time. We're here to help, but the best thing
is for you to help yourself: that way you'll learn for next time.

2) Search the old list archives! The list has a rich history and a long
archive, and changes are your question has been asked and answered before.
Check out the archive:


3) Have you read the Newton FAQ yet?

The Newton FAQ contains tons of the most frequently-asked information about
Newtons! Check it out *before* posting your question! Chances are there's
info about it in the FAQ.

Read it at these locations:


The FAQ is also posted monthly to comp.sys.newton.misc,
comp.sys.newton.programmer, news.answers and comp.answers.

Posted by your friendly neighbourhood list dad.

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Will help you with your list problems - as long as you're nice.

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