Re: [NTLK] hypertext creation tool for newton?

From: Alexander Oberdörster (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 12:59:25 EST

> One strength of the Newton (NewtonScript) is that you can link nearly
> everything together.

You can? Can you tell me more about this? I'll read the developer docs
myself when I have the time, but at the moment I'm busy with Cocoa and

> The problem of linking words in notes or better elsewhere (dates,
> works, Avi's BD, todos etc.) is IMHO that the word has to be marked
> somehow so that one can distinguish a marked or linked word from a
> normal word. The extension which would have to take care about all that
> has also to guarantee that one has not only a visible feedback but all
> possibilities of editing of the link. Including removing a link as well
> as the automatic link-back entry or changing of a link to a
> unidirectional one. The longer I'm thinking the better does this
> feature fit in.

Yes, it really does. This idea was sitting in the back of my mind since
I got my Palm a few years ago. And apparently I'm not the only one
thinking about it:

The WikiWikiWeb also has some insights on links in both directions and
version management:

And there's of course Xanadu, the project that started it all

> MoreInfo provides a very small part of it but only with objects like
> complete notes, dates or names entries. Not down to the word level. A
> hyperlinked word could be inverse (on b/w systems) and grey background
> on greyscale Newtons. A single tap would then follow the link and a
> longer tap until squeek would open the link editor including the link
> info.

No, inverse is already used for "selected". Why not underline the word?
That's already standard in html, so people are used to it.

> What about multiple links?

Hm. Adding this feature would clutter the interface without need. But
it's not really necessary. You could handle this with additional links
on the linked page, I think.

> I better stop now... ;-)

Don't. It's just getting interesting :)

Maybe it's getting a bit OT, but IMO this would be a feature that would
really go beyond paper emulation. Go ahead and flame me for this, but I
still don't see a good reason why I shouldn't just take my notes on a
paper notepad instead of a Newton.

Another program that I always missed on handhelds is a mathematics
notebook with an integrated computer algebra system (for solving
equations, plotting graphs etc) and typesetting (in TeX quality). This
includes recognition of all the mathematical symbols as well as a sense
for their placement.


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